Wally (#Cloverdale12)

12 years old

Paint Gelding

Wally is a 12-year-old Paint gelding with a gorgeous marbled eye. He hasn’t had a lot of life experience and had likely never been anywhere before we got him out, but he tries incredibly hard to please. Thanks to an assist from the folks at the American Paint Horse Association, we know his pedigree, though he was never registered. Wally suffered from seriously uncared for feet, and has needed a fair bit of work to get them turned around (as proof it had been awhile, he was clearly confused by being asked to hold up a hoof and get it trimmed). He’s is big and handsome, and really wants to connect with people. As of May 1, 2018 he is a gelding. Due to his age, the procedure was performed at UC Davis. He recovered well. 

Please email  director@sonomachangeprogram.com for more information. 

UPDATE June 7, 2018: Wally is completely healed from his castration surgery!  A huge thank you goes out to our friends at the UC Davis veterinary school for doing such an excellent job on his surgery.  For the first time in his life, that we know of, Wally is now getting to live out in pasture!  He is absolutely in heaven and his attitude and demeanor reflects it.  This horse was calm and quiet even as a stallion- and now he is even more relaxed. He is a super horse and is going to make someone very happy.  He is ready for adoption now- his vaccines are current, teeth have been powerfloated, and he has even had a few sessions with the farrier.  Deworming is current and he is healthy and happy!  Look at that shiny coat :)

At Intake:

After 3 weeks of care: