The CHANGE Program

The CHANGE Program was formed in 2007 to support local law enforcement in managing equine humane cases including neglect, abuse and abandonment.

CHANGE is a state and federally accredited non-profit organization. It is not a county agency and is supported entirely by private donations.

24/7 Emergency Support

CHANGE provides 24/7 emergency transportation and foster care to horses in the custody of local law enforcement.

All horses in the program receive complete veterinary care, hoof care, specialized nutritional support, and their own set of care supplies made possible by generous community donations to the CHANGE Tack and Supply Donation Program.

Once rehabilitated, horses are then adopted by permanent loving families.

Education and Outreach

CHANGE also serves the community through education and outreach events such as law enforcement training seminars on equine-related subjects and low-cost castration clinics for the public.

CHANGE also has served as a subsidiary in several courtroom cases by providing expert witness testimony.

Some of the cases set legal precedent and garnered national media attention.

Vision Statement

To improve the acceptable standard of care for horses by being an agency of social change.

Mission Statement

To support local law enforcement as a subsidiary in equine cases through humane education, logistical and financial avenues.

Core Values

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Support of law enforcement
  • Education
  • Advocacy for horses
  • Ethical leadership
  • Service to the community through a novel approach


  • To be a transformative agency; to reach beyond business as usual
  • To be a sustainable and secure organization

Available for Adoption

Adopt Sawyer!

Sawyer is now nearly 1 year old and he is growing up to be a sweet, gentle gelding! He is showing athletic ability and eagerness to learn. His foster parents report that he is quite the jumper--clearing both 5 foot and 6 foot high fences in his pasture when he decides that he wants to be with his friends in the next field over. He is current on all of his vaccines, deworming and hoof care and he is looking for that "forever someone" who will make him a family member and unlock his potential.

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Available for Adoption


Udate 6/28/16 : Sophia is a 20-year-old Arabian mare who is looking for her forever home.


Update 6/28/16 : Sugar is a 4-5yo Quarter Horse-type mare who is looking for a forever home. Sugar was found running on a busy road in Santa Rosa on May 15, 2016.


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